Knightdale has transit!

I had the privilege of representing Triangle Transit at the Knightdale Health and Fitness Fair last Thursday night. You might think our bright green stress buses would be out of place among the karate exhibitors, bouncey house, and massage chairs, but you’d be wrong! Transit, it seems, may just be the next fitness craze.

Knightdale has transit!

Knightdale has transit!

We know that active commuters (cyclists, walkers) keep in shape on the go, but a new study published in the March issue of the American Journal of Public Health shows that even walking to transit offers major benefits. In addition to the exercise that getting to your stop offers, transit users report less stress than solo drivers, just take a look at this article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for some insights.  Still not convinced that taking the bus could make you healthier? A 2010  American Journal of Preventative Medicine study showed that access to light rail can reduce your risk of obesity. Yet another study shows that British seniors were healthier and happier when given a bus pass.

To the delight of the many people I spoke to on Thursday, Knightdale citizens (senior and otherwise) can take advantage of transit’s many benefits through use of the KRX, the Knightdale-Raleigh Express.  The KRX runs at peak times, Monday through Friday, and makes limited stops in Knightdale to Downtown Raleigh’s Moore Square. From Moore Square you could hop on the fare-free R-LINE, a downtown circulator that runs from 7am until late night. The R-LINE stops at museums, restaurants, and more. Save yourself some gas and hassle by using a park and ride space available to KRX riders. Ready to go? Plan your trip here or give us a call at 919-485-7433 (RIDE).


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