Bull City Connections

The Bull City Connections team always tries to check out somewhere new to both of us, but February’s outing took us to a tried-and-true favorite. Dame’s Chicken and Waffles serves up an unlikely yet palate-pleasing combination of foods—fried chicken, waffles and “shmears” (whipped sweet crème butters). If you’ve been, you probably know how we feel about Dame’s… if you haven’t been—plan a trip immediately.

Dame'sWhere is Dame’s Chicken and Waffles?

Dame’s Chicken & Waffles is located at 317 W. Main Street

Using the BCC you’ll get off at:

Stop 10: Five Points

E. Chapel Hill St. at Main St.

GoLive Stop ID 6305

What did you order?

 LJL:  I had the “Frizzled Fowl” which is a panko-crusted Chicken cutlet on top of a classic waffle with Blueberry shmear, drizzled with plum sauce and almonds. The Frizzled FowlNo matter what my main dish is, I always go for the mac’ and cheese as a side—Dame’s adds some unexpected herb-y seasoning to the top that gives it a little more sophisticated taste than your standard creamy mac’ and cheese.

NJ: I ordered the Red Crested Rose Comb which is a classic waffle with candied pecans, two chicken legs, and strawberry shmear. I opted to go without the candied pecans. If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re suckers for mac and cheese, so I also went with their Triple Cheese & Macaroni as my side.

How was the service?

 LJL: The service at Dame’s is usually pretty good but I always get the vibe that the staff isn’t interested in any nonsense. But your glass is always full and the food sells itself—so we can just call it more of a laissez-faire style of service than other restaurants.image[1]

 NJ: The service at Dame’s is consistent. The only thing I’ll note if you’ve never been is that you have to wait until your entire party is present before you can be seated. So ride together or only invite your prompt friends- just kidding, well kinda 🙂

 Overall Impression?

 LJL: I’ve never been disappointed at Dame’s. The menu combinations are always interesting and unusual (a sweet potato waffle drizzled with Honey Dijon? How about Whiskey Crème sauce on a classic waffle with Peach and Apricot Shmear?). If you really want the full experience, step out of your comfort zone on flavor choices and try something new. You definitely won’t be sorry you did.

 NJ: The food was great! If you pace yourself you might be able to finish everything that’s in front of you, but I normally have enough leftovers to eat for dinner. Outside of the food, there are crayons and butcher paper on your tables! So get busy doodling after you place your order.

Would you eat here again?

 LJL: I’ve eaten here before and I’ll eat here again. I always plan to order something new and usually have some sort of internal struggle on whether or not to branch out from something I already know will be wonderful. Really, I can’t eat at Dame’s enough.

NJ:  Of course! I may be partial because I could eat breakfast for every meal, but you get no complaints from me.

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