New beginnings


Happy Tuesday, blog followers!

As she announced yesterday, the lovely Brandi Beeker is handing over the reigns on our GoTriangle blog and social media handles. For the last week, I’ve been quietly tweeting and updating the Facebook page, getting a feel for the transit community and awaiting my official debut.

So, who am I?

My name is Grace Hayes. You know that friend who always takes pictures of their food before they eat it? Guilty as charged. I’m a Netflix addict, blogger, proud Virginia Tech alum (go Hokies!), and Triangle Transit’s new Interactive Marketing Associate. I recently relocated to the Triangle from Blacksburg, Va., where I interned as a digital content developer at a local advertising agency and volunteered with several start-up companies. I applied to Triangle Transit because the job description included a reference to Peggy Olson, one of my heroes and favorite characters from the TV show Mad Men. All jokes aside, the Triangle Transit marketing team blew me away with their dedication and comradery the moment I met them.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Currently, we have several ideas in the mix for the GoTriangle blog. The opportunities on this space are endless, with ideas ranging from a weekly series to featured rider posts, but two keywords have bounced around most:  interaction and information. There is as much happening behind the scenes of alternative transportation as there is on the road. As many of you experienced on Monday, the Fortify project is rolling out in full force, resulting in lane closures and delays. In response, Triangle Transit soft-launched the Johnston County Express (JCX) to help commuters avoid traffic and back-ups on I-40. The JCX is also a participant in the Bus On Shoulder System, or BOSS, which allows authorized buses and drivers to ride the shoulder. You still get you to your destination, even when everyone else on the road is at a standstill. Sound too good to be true? Check out the video below for proof:

(P.S. If it sounds like a lot of acronyms, don’t worry – I started making flashcards of Triangle Transit acronyms on my first day.)

JCX and BOSS are just the tip of the iceberg. As you can see, Triangle Transit is in constant motion, on the road and off. I intend to use the GoTriangle blog to keep you in the loop, as well as answer your questions about ongoing and upcoming projects. But first, I need to know what questions you have. Do you need more information on Fortify? Wonder what the progress is on the Light Rail Transit project? Have questions about carpooling? Vanpools? What even is a vanpool?

Leave a comment on the blog, tweet your questions to @gotriangle or @triangletransit, or like us on Facebook. Each week, we’ll post based on the types of questions we hear as well as offer creative ways to improve your commute before and after the holidays. If you’re not a commuter yourself, keep an eye on the blog for our commuter gift guide coming in the next few days, and stick around for the ride.

Until next time –


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