Commuter Gift Guide (Treat Yourself)


1→ ABUS Bordo Combo Lite bike lock 2→I Heart Transit Travel Mug 3→ Nano-Metallic Touchscreen Gloves 4→Light & Motion Urban 200 bike light 5→ Hunter packable rain boots 6→ Siva Cycle Atom
7→ Rechargeable heated insoles  8→ ONA water-resistant messenger bag 9→LEZYNE Alloy Drive bike pump 10→ Trees for Cars carpooling app

Christmas is in six days. Six. I don’t know about you, but the holidays definitely crept up on me this year. Even if you’re a little behind on schedule, there’s still time to get something for the commuter in your life. For this Transit Thursday, we put together the  Triangle Transit Commuter Gift Guide with all types of commuters in mind, from those biking to work or riding the bus home from class. These gifts are functional and winter-weather-worthy. Cold feet keeping your significant other from waiting for the bus? Change their life with rechargeable heated insoles. (Granted, I am not a certified spokeswoman for these products and can’t legally promise you that your life will actually change, but come on. Heated insoles for a freezing Monday morning sound amazing).  Know someone who loves Triangle Transit’s “I Heart Transit” logo? You can sip it, carry it, and wear it at our online Swag Shop. Does your sister’s boyfriend need a way to carry his laptop to his start-up office while also keeping it safe from snow? Consider the ONA water-resistant messenger bag.

Maybe you are the commuter in your life. In that case, treat yourself:


Treat yourself to the Siva Cycle Atom (#6) and charge your phone as you bike to the office. Tweet while keeping your fingers warm with the Nano-Metallic Touchscreen Gloves (#3). Check out the Trees for Cars app (#10) and connect with other carpoolers to lower your spending and carbon footprint. Plus, if you’re interested in carpooling but don’t want to pay 99 cents, you can join Share The Ride NC (STRNC) for free.

Have commuter gift ideas of your own? Tweet at us on @gotriangle and @triangletransit with #transitthursday, or leave us a comment on Facebook!

– Grace

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