Fortify Friday: My40Ride

We made it, everyone! After a week of freezing temperatures, ice tsunamis, and a polar vortex, Friday has arrived! You may still have your evening commute to think about, but stress not, there’s still a reason to celebrate!


In order to keep your commute as traffic-free as possible, GoTriangle, Triangle Transit, Capital Area Transit and NCDOT have partnered together to list all of your commuting options in one place: As I mentioned in my last Fortify Friday post, all you have to do is answer the three  questions below:


Once you’ve answered these questions, scroll down to find your alternative commute options. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, the page also include links to the my40ride outreach team, the GoTriangle help center, and the Project Fortify website. Instead of having to click through multiple websites, you can now check out to see if your commute will be affected and if so, what your alternatives are. Along with a weekend forecast of almost 70 degrees, that’s reason enough to celebrate!


Here’s to a weekend without parkas,


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