Fortify Friday: Vanpools

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Despite some delays from cold temperatures and winter weather, the Fortify Project is still going strong. According to the Fortify website, as soon as the lane closures and traffic shifts are complete, the concrete barriers will be put in place while the big rebuilding begins. Once the barriers are placed on the eastbound side of I-440, crews will be begin working to rebuild the inside lanes and median. Reduced speeds are required for the work zone, which may cause some traffic and congestion. Essentially, the less vehicles on the road during this time, the less delays. I’ve already explained how carpooling can reduce traffic congestion, but today, I’ll be discussing another option: vanpool.

If you’re leaning towards a carpool but don’t want to use your own vehicle, vanpool is a perfect alternative. For a monthly fare, Triangle Transit provides the van, insurance, and maintenance of the vehicle. The van is then driven daily by one of your fellow commuters. For those concerned about safety, fear not: vanpool drivers must have a good driving record, pass a drug test, and take a online driving course before they ever handle the vehicle. Plus, if your vanpool driver gets sick and can’t drive, then they can contact their back-up driver. You never have to worry about being unable to get to work. Sound good so far?

To actually join a vanpool, visit the “van” section of the Triangle Transit website. There, you can check van schedules and routes to find the one that most closely aligns with your current commute and work hours. Can’t find anything? Since vanpools are a month-to-month commitment, ridership is always growing and changing. Some need more riders to come aboard in order to continue their routes and some are full. Even if a vanpool is full, you can always start your own. Just decide when and where you want the vanpool to go, and Triangle Transit staff will invite others to join by posting Riders Wanted flyers like the one above or contacting your employer to see if any of your coworkers would be interested. You can also look on ShareTheRideNC.

Next Thursday, we’ll be interviewing the Triangle Transit vanpool staff to get more details for our weekly video post. In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions for them about vanpool or any topics you would like to see covered. Just comment on our Facebook page or tweet @GoTriangle.

Have a great weekend!

– Grace

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