Rail to the Rescue: The Tar Heels’ Long Way Home

(photo via Relevant Magazine)

Last night, winter weather and delays transformed Atlanta into a scene reminiscent of  AMC’s TV show “The Walking Dead.” Travelers and commuters struggled to get home during the winter storm, resulting in abandoned vehicles and 15 hour traffic jams.

Cars, buses, and planes were all at a standstill, but not the UNC basketball team. After flying in a day early for their game with Georgia Tech, the Tar Heels turned to a different form of transportation to stay on the move: train. Thanks to the MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) and some teamwork, they arrived at their hotel late last night and escaped much of the street havoc.


Snow may have shut down highways and airports in Atlanta, but the rail remained steady. Interested in seeing what a rail project would look like here in the Triangle? Check out the Our Transit Future website to read more about the proposed Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project.

– Grace

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