Bull City Love Connector?

beyonce (3413) Animated Gif on Giphy

The bus can be a great place to meet someone new. Just ask Romania and Quincey Myers, a married couple who met on the DATA route 4 in 2010. If you’re looking for your own happy ending, we might be able to help.

With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away and with #GoLove in full swing, the Bull City Connector is offering its seats to people who are looking for love.  Join us on Friday, February 14th for a quick round of speed dating. We’ll rendezvous at the Pinhook  at 7  before catching the 7:20 Bull City Connector. We’ll ride the route in its entirety and let each pair of speed daters get to know each other. We’ll return to the Pinhook about 40 minutes later.  Just in case you made an impression with someone who was a bit shy, we’ll also send you a match list a few days after the group date. 

The night will still be young, so you’ll be free to explore Durham’s nightlife with your new friends. Our rallying point, the Pinhook, will be presenting Beauties and the Beast, featuring the Durham-based quartet, The Beast, and performances by Boom or Bust Burlesque.

To join the fun, sign up for free speed dating here. Just to get us in the mood– what’s your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day?

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