Two Link Tuesday

It’s Tuesday afternoon. You’ve already eaten lunch, perused Facebook, and checked your email. Five o’clock is on the way, but the three o’clock slump has reared its head. Instead of checking Groupon (again) for a tropical vacation, we have two transit links to keep you in the loop and give you something to talk about over that third cup of coffee:

light rail

  Transport Politic blog writer and Durham native Yonah Freemark has developed a new Google map showing major planned developments in central Durham. His map also displays potential light rail stations throughout the Durham-Chapel Hill corridor. Zoom in on the future below:



“Road Worrier: NC universities want to help students get around without their cars” – News & Observer

Like I noted in my Atlanta blog post, driving is on the decline with young adults. News & Observer confirms and reports that “where 30 percent of Carolina students drove alone to campus in 1997, that share fell to 18 percent in 2011,” and now “GoPass users from these campuses account for more than 35 percent of all Triangle Transit ridership.” Still,  the article notes that new construction has included parking decks and around 50 percent of off-campus students still drive to class, as well as 85 percent of NCSU’s 6,500 faculty and staff.

Think millennials are truly ready to go car-less? Check out the article and sound off in the comments.




2 thoughts on “Two Link Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the light rail map! Have these stations and route been officially approved by anyone? Most of the line is great – especially the Patterson Place station, which I hadn’t thought of before; and the routing down NC 54 – but I’ve got several suggestions.

    Durham Station is almost on the west edge of downtown, which makes me think another station should be put somewhere near Buchanan or Mangum Street. The spacing would be very close, but I think downtown Durham deserves it.

    On the Duke campus, Erwin Road would probably be the easiest place to put light rail. But, it’s on the edge of the actual campus. I’ve no idea whether Duke would stand for it, but could the line be run somewhere closer to Circuit Drive before turning down Academy Road? If it could be done, that would also allow for an additional station on University Drive.

    Finally, it would probably be impossible, but I’d love an additional station in Chapel Hill somewhere closer to Cameron or even Franklin Street.

  2. Evan, thanks for your comment. Your station location questions are good ones. We think you will be pleased to see that the line proposes stations at Buchanan and Dillard Streets, in addition to the downtown Durham stop. The team explored options that run closer to the heart of the Duke academic campus, but found that accessing Duke Medical Center via Erwin Rd looks like the strongest ridership outcome, given that Duke Hospital is the largest private employer in the Triangle region. Finally, we agree that Downtown Chapel Hill is an important destination, and while the first segment of light rail will stop at UNC Hospital, the line is being designed to not preclude the ability to extend to Downtown Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Carolina North in the future. Thanks again for your interest! – Patrick McDonough, Manager of Planning and Transit-Oriented Development, Triangle Transit

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