DATA Riders: Have you been squeezed on Rt 3? Tell us about it!

Rt 3 We Need To Talk

DATA asks its riders for some help to get more buses on the overcrowded Route 3.

DATA’s Route 3 serves  the Village and the Glenn School Rd Walmart and it is very popular. A little too popular according to riders, staff, and planners.

January’s performance report showed Route 3 operating at standing room only 24% of the time on Sundays and 11% of the time during weekdays between 7pm and 8pm. Buses are standing room only when 40+ people get on.

These capacity issues can cause major problems for passengers. In addition to making the ride uncomfortable, a packed bus will take longer to disembark, causing more delays and poor on-time performance. Furthermore, if the bus reaches capacity, passengers can be left behind. Overcrowded buses also pose safety issues for passengers at risk for falls. 

To combat this problem, the planning staff would like to add more seating and have come up with a pretty simple plan–  they just want to add an additional bus to Route 3 on Sundays and weeknights. To do that, they have to convince the City to approve the plan. That’s why we’re inviting DATA riders to share their Route 3 stories with us.

So how about it? Just take a photo of the crowd on your bus, a video, or just send us a note about your experience. We’re listening, so put it out there, folks! If you’re not sending it in real-time, please let us know the details (time, place) of your trip.

Here’s a quick run down on how you can reach DATA to share your Rt 3 story:
DATA Customer Feedback Form
DATA Facebook Page
@GoTriangle Twitter
@TriangleTransit Twitter
@GoTriangle Instagram

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