Carless March: Week 1



Does this graphic look familiar? lanetrafficYou may remember it from my very first Fortify Friday post, where I explained how if 10% of drivers carpooled or took the bus just one day per week, it would remove 14 miles of double lane traffic from our roads daily.

At the time, convincing 10% of drivers in the Triangle to carpool or take the bus sounded more than a little daunting. How could we convince people to change their routines?

The answer was, and still is, beautifully simple: we have to start by convincing ourselves.

This month, one man has taken on that challenge.


Meet John Tallmadge, Director of Regional Services Development at Triangle Transit. Throughout the month of March, John will be completely carless. For 31 days, he’ll  solely rely on the bus and other alternative forms of transit to get him from place to place. He’s quitting cold turkey and turning over the keys – and taking us along with him!

Every Wednesday in March, John will check in with the GoTriangle blog and post his most recent challenge updates. Read his first one below:

I’m four days in to #carlessmarch and I can already say this, getting myself around is the easy part.  The harder part is that my decision doesn’t just affect myself, but also my family.  My three daughters still have activities after school and on weekends, and so I’ve been relying more on my wife and our friends to get the kids around.  On Saturday, I did bike to pick up our 7-year old from a sleepover and then we walked and took the bus home.  My reasons for #carlessmarch are to more fully understand  the experiences of our customers who do not drive, and to reduce carbon emissions from my own choices.  So far, so good, but I think the real challenges will come deeper into the month.  I’ll keep you posted.

Think John can make it all 31 days? Find out by following him on Twitter where he’ll be tweeting his daily progress with #carlessmarch. If you have any transit tips or suggestions for John, tweet him @jdttransit! Just remember to include #carlessmarch in your tweet.

Have a great Wednesday,


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