Transit Thursday: Telework Week Stats

Happy Transit Thursday, Triangle!

We’ve been singing telework’s praises all week, and rightfully so. New figures show that over the four days since December that DC federal offices were closed for weather, teleworking saved federal agencies $32 million. Those savings already are greater than estimates of the entire cost of implementing telework throughout government (Nextgov). Not a federal employee? Not a problem. Recent telework findings impact you too, monetarily and emotionally.


PGi, a global provider of collaboration software and services, surveyed their customers and uncovered the following:

  • 80% of respondents report that their office allows telecommuting
  • 71% participate in the telecommuting program
  • 50% telecommute one day per week
  • 22% telecommute five or more days per week

Like in our Two Link Tuesday infographic, the PGi study also found that employees experience these personal benefits from teleworking:

  • 82% experienced improvement in stress levels
  • 80% experienced improvement in morale
  • 70% experienced improvement in productivity
  • 69% experienced improvement in absenteeism

And some of our followers are already teleworking:



Telework Week may be almost over, but you can still pledge to telework and join the 162, 852 workers who already have pledged to work from home. So far, $13,959, 296 has been saved thus far and we still have one more day to go. Visit to sign your pledge and help them break $14 million!

Although this is National Telework Week, companies and governments (including their tax payers) are saving money and increasing productivity and satisfaction year-round. Look for more information about teleworking from GoTriangle this year: local companies who use telework, companies starting new telework programs for their employees, and companies who want to review their programming and make sure they are using best practices. If you’re interested in participating – let us know with this quick form. It’s only 6 questions. We will share the new, free Telework Toolkit for Triangle employers with everyone once it’s done!

– Grace

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