Two Link Tuesday


“The art is everywhere, and the art will take us by surprise and shock us.”

Subway art may not be a new medium for artistic expression, but the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is putting a new spin on it. Their “Metro Art Moves You” tours invite LA travelers and locals to explore underground art while learning how to use the city’s subway system. Guided by artists and equipped with free transit day passes, you can come for the art, but may find you can’t stay still in this moving museum (LA Times).



“You buy your transit ticket, you go to the Blazers game, and get 20 percent off a hamburger.”

Imagine catching the bus to work and ending your week with a free coffee or discounted concert tickets. Imagine never scrambling for change again or forgetting your bus pass at home. Turns out, your imagination isn’t too far off from reality. The transit ticket is evolving as transit agencies explore smartphone ticketing and “open loop” payment models. The future may just be one smartphone app away (The Atlantic Cities).

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