Carless March: Week 2


Happy Hump Day, blog followers!

It’s been almost two weeks since John Tallmadge turned over his car keys and invited us on his #carlessmarch challenge. We’ve been keeping up with him on Twitter, where it turns out going carless in the Triangle may be a group effort. Read on to find out why and see what challenges John’s been tackling this week:

John: 11 days in to #carlessmarch, and I’ve noticed a few themes. The first I’ll call “I get by with a little help from my friends.” From organizing an early walking drop-off at a neighbor’s house for our 1st grader to get to school to making carpool arrangements so that our 8th grader can get home from soccer practice, not driving a car requires more planning and good friends (and an understanding wife).

Second is “What did we do before GoLive real-time bus arrival info?” Being able to text for the next bus arrival or use the TransLoc Rider app has been tremendous in reducing my worrying about whether I’ve missed a bus or whether I’ll make a connection. Triangle Transit invested in this technology in 2011 and it’s available for all of the transit services in the region. At the transit centers and some major stops there are digital displays, but the mobile apps and the texting option are available at every stop in the system. It was a great investment.

Third is “Location! Location! Location!” My wife and I chose our neighborhood in 1999 because it was walkable to Ninth Street in Durham where there were restaurants, dry cleaners, coffee shops, a bike shop, and a grocery store. Now there’s even more within walking distance. We can also easily bike downtown or to Duke’s campuses. And we have three bus routes within walking distance. There are still lots of missing or damaged sidewalks, insufficient biking lanes, and relatively infrequent buses, but it works. There are too few neighborhoods like this in Durham or throughout the Triangle.

Adding these up – support from family and friends, transit info technology and the location of our home – has made #carlessmarch a great experience so far.

Want to learn more about the TransLoc Rider app? Visit the GoTriangle Transit App Center to see it live and check out other available transit apps.

Just joining us for #carlessmarch? Click here to meet John and find out exactly why he’s going carless. Then follow him on Twitter where he’ll be tweeting his daily progress with #carlessmarch. If you have any transit tips or suggestions for John, tweet him @jdttransit! Just remember to include #carlessmarch in your tweet.

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