Top 10 Things You Want to Know About Project Development: 6-7

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, blog readers!

Today, we continue “Top 10 Things You Want to Know About Project Development” with answers to two more of your questions about the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project. We’re halfway through our Q&A with Triangle Transit planner Meghan Makoid, so if you’re just joining us, click here to read Meghan’s answers for questions 4-5 in last week’s Project Development Q&A. Read on to find out the answers to questions 5-6 – in a way you’ve probably never read about transit before. When in Rome (or Ireland)…

6)     What decisions get made during this period?

 Meghan:  Well, since today is the widely celebrated holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, I feel compelled to answer these questions in limerick form…

The proposed Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project was recently accepted into Project Development.

Triangle Transit will now complete an Environmental Impact Statement to analyze impacts relevant.

This information will help select the alternative best fitting,

for the people and environment in Durham and Orange Counties living.

 And in the end the final alignment will become evident.

7)     What is the ultimate goal of this phase?


The goals of Project Development are several…

To continue to demonstrate to the project’s merit to the transit officials federal, 

We must complete the environmental review

selecting the locally preferred alternative and providing information adequate to

evaluate and rate the project to determine if the project is still credible.

If you have a question about Project Development for Meghan, tweet us @gotriangle or leave a comment below. For more information about the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project, visit

– Grace

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