Carless March: Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of #carlessmarch! So far, John’s #carlessmarch journey has included several challenges: schedule juggling, carefully coordinating activities with family and neighbors, and pre-planning for weather. He’s walked us through each challenge over the past few weeks, but today, John shares that some strange things have been happening…

Last night, I started writing about my motivations for #carlessmarch and what I’ve learned so far, but I ran out of energy after watching the Wolfpack’s impressive victory.  Then, I had a dream, and realized that’s what I would share this week.

Cue dream sequence sounds  I needed to go to Carrboro for a meeting and planned to catch a Chapel Hill Transit bus.  The next thing I know, I’m pulling into an on-street parking space, getting out of the car, and starting to walk to the bus stop.


Then I realize I DROVE!!  How did this happen?!?  I look down in my hands at the keys that I had given to our friends at the start of #carlessmarch and wondered how I had gotten them back?  This was exactly why I gave away the keys, so I wouldn’t absent-mindedly drive myself somewhere out of habit.

After the moment of guilt, I decided I needed to come clean in the GoTriangle blogosphere and Twitterverse.  Then I realized that the Honda Civic didn’t actually fit into the parking space that was striped for a “sub-sub-mini” car (I wouldn’t put it past Carrboro to create these.)  After debating whether to move the car (and drive more!) or take my chances with a ticket, I decided to push the car across the street into a normal-sized space.  I put down the window and released the brake and pushed as I steered the Civic in a U-turn to the other side of the street.

When I finished pushing the car, somehow it was perpendicular to the street.  I needed to back it up a bit, so I jumped in the car, put it in reverse and hit the gas too hard (out of practice, I guess).  Instead of braking, I hit the gas even harder and backed right over the curb and down an embankment to a creek.  I then had that falling dream  as I cascaded down the ravine. car3

I jerked awake, thankful that it was just a dream, and excited that I had a more entertaining topic for this post.

Any dream analysts out there?  What does it all mean?

Yikes! Any ideas why John’s having #carlessmarch nightmares? Think he can make it without his keys for one more week? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter. Just tweet @gotriangle using #carlessmarch.

If you’re just joining us for #carlessmarch, click here to meet John and find out exactly why he’s going carless. Then follow him on Twitter where he’s tweeting his daily progress with #carlessmarch.

– Grace

4 thoughts on “Carless March: Week 3

  1. I go “mostly careless” by choice, it gives me time each day to unwind by walking through the beautiful WH neighborhood, and the exercise will be a bonus. I walk to and from Duke every day, unless my assistant gives me a ride home when she worries it is too cold or growing dark. I take a shuttle from campus to Erwin Mill, shop on 9th st and walk the rest of the way home. Last weekend I took the bus to Amtrak Durham station. Not bad at all. I do find some buildings, shopping “centers” and such are not walker friendly here. Sidewalks suddenly end or don’t exist, or walkways take a large swoop as they follow next to entrances that curve around for a grand entry, I suppose. I don’t have kids to take around, but when I did, we walked to many things, we were a one car family for years. Yep, one car :). Anyway, just moved here in January, and have lasted through the cold and mess, so you’ll probably see me out there someday!

    • Terry, there’s a professor in my neighborhood who also goes carless. I pass him walking home every afternoon on my way from work – rain or snow. It’s definitely an inspiration, and definitely a situation that necessitates sidewalks. If you follow John on Twitter, you’ll see he also posts about local “walkability” and has noted some of those very missing sidewalks.

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