Two Link Tuesday


“You know the feeling. You’re just miles from home when all of a sudden you see brake lights ahead—a sure sign of an incident on the road. Starting today, you’ll have a better chance of making it around the traffic.”

Apple Maps recently announced new transit additions, and Google isn’t far behind. The Google Now app will now (no pun intended) alert you to traffic accidents before you ask. Instead of cruising along I-40 and ending up in a surprise gridlock, the app will automatically caution you to take an earlier exit or reroute you along a back road. Get the details and the app here.



“Employers like Citrix and Red Hat tell me that their employees want to be able to experience the city and area without having to be in a car. They want walkable, accessible communities that offer that lifestyle that allows for increased interactions and productivity without lost time driving a car.”

On last week’s Transit Thursday post, I discussed millennials’ love for selfies and public transportation. Millennials continue to flock to cities with reliable public transportation, a trend many companies are keeping in mind during recruitment. On Monday, Raleigh Mayer Nancy McFarlane spoke on the issue as well. Click here to find out whether she agrees and, if so, what she wants to do about it.


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