Fortify Friday: The Sad Truth About Driving

Happy Friday, blog readers!

In my previous Fortify Friday post, I asked our Johnston County readers to participate in a short survey about their commute from Johnston County to the RTP. Well the results are in: 100% of Johnston County → RTP commuters answered that they drive alone.

Research shows that traffic causes you to lose 2,183 minutes of sleep every year – that’s a full day and a half of shut-eye.  Increased car commute times seem to result in increased health issues overall, including increases in high cholesterol, blood sugar, anxiety, depression risk, and sleep problems (TIME Magazine). You can find more sad truths about driving in the GoTriangle infographic below:



 (click image to enlarge)

Driving to work comes with a host of problems, but what about our Johnston County to RTP commuters? Last week, Johnston County Commissioner Ted Goodwin told The Smithfield Herald that commissioners weren’t sure light rail would ever be feasible for Johnston County. Even if just commuter rail were pursued, it would still take around five years to build. So if you live in Johnston County and drive to work in the RTP, what can you do about your commute today?

All of our survey respondents said they drive alone. What if they drove together?

Like John explained in Wednesday’s #CarlessMarch post, the hardest part of adopting new habits is taking the first step. For people looking to join a carpool, the first step is signing up on Share the Ride NC. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to access a map that shows other carpoolers in your area. See whose schedules matches yours, then contact them directly.

Since April is Rideshare Month, GoTriangle will also be hosting a Rideshare Mixer on April 24th. We want to remove the “unknown” factor from the rideshare equation, so we’re inviting you to come meet other available carpoolers (and eat free snacks). Who knows? You might even find “the one.” Keep an eye on the GoTriangle website for the event details.

For more information on carpooling, watch my Transit Thursday interview below with STRNC site administrator Paul Straw or visit

Here’s to another warm weekend,

– Grace

2 thoughts on “Fortify Friday: The Sad Truth About Driving

  1. While I don’t work in RTP, I do appreciate and welcome the JCX route to downtown. I use it as much as I can, and wish others in the Cleveland area would use it as well. It is such a great alternative and I am so glad I get to save money and miles on my car! I first learned of Johnston County transit opportunities at the 2013 Golden Modes ceremony and was thrilled when the JCX route was finally announced. Thank you for providing me an alternate way to come to work!

    • You’re very welcome! So glad to hear the JCX works for your commute. It’s become a wonderful option for commuters to downtown Raleigh. We want to continue to spread the word about the JCX, which is why our last several Fortify Friday posts have focused on that express route. If you know other people in your community or your work who commute from Johnston County, be sure to let them know about the JCX!

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