Two Link Tuesday



“It shows the potential of Citi Bike to become really intricately interwoven into the New York City transportation landscape.” 

This week, Citi Bike fully released trip data regarding its annual and casual members in New York City. The resulting visualization speaks volumes about the integral role Citi Bike plays in NYC transportation, but also turns ridership into something quite beautiful. Watch the video here.


 This kind of information can be used as a first step in deciding where to place bike share stations, where to prioritize bicycle lanes or pedestrian improvements, where bus-only lanes may be warranted, you name it.”

John’s #CarlessMarch challenge may be over, but he’s not the only one who’s handed over the keys.  Public administration and urban planning student Shane Phillips spent the last month uploading census tract boundaries for every state in the US, ultimately creating maps that show just how many commuters are getting to work without a car. Curious how your area stands up? Click here to find out how car-free your own neighborhood is (or anywhere, really).

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