Two Link Tuesday


(photo via The Daily Tarheel)

“It is the cost of a veggie burrito at Cosmic, so we think it is a worthwhile investment.”

Citi Bike made waves last week with its newly released NYC ridership data, but bikesharing isn’t just happening in cities like New York or Washington D.C. Bikesharing may be on its way to UNC thanks to the Tar Heel Bikes Steering Committee. While the program is still in its pilot phase, it would feature the ability for students to check out bikes using their phones for one-way trips across campus. Implementing the bikeshare system would require an increase  in student transit fees, but for a few bucks each semester, you could easily burn off all those Cosmic burritos.  Click here for the full interview with co-founder Akhil Jariwala



(photo via The Atlantic Cities)

“Quite a few creatures have wound up on our trains over the years.”

Lions, tigers, and…trains? We aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. From Russia’s subway-riding dogs to Portland’s commuting coyote, public transit has always had some interesting passengers, but nothing quite like this. See how two photographers have taken the Paris Metro for a walk on the wild side.

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