Two Link Tuesday



 “We saw a rising tide of urban commuters, but we didn’t see what we wanted in the market. It was either that you get kind of a stripped-down fixie with maybe one brake, or there are the high-end boutique bikes that are manufactured in Europe, but they’re out of reach for the average customer.”

After returning from the Netherlands – often ranked as one of the happiest and most bike friendly countries in the world – Ilya Pikus began searching for a Dutch bike of his own. Frustrated by his lack of options, Pikus decided to design an urban commuter bike that was budget-friendly and road-ready. Get the full rundown on the new Peace Bicycle here


“First and foremost, you need to inflate the tires. I can guarantee the tires are flat.”

Spring weather have you ready to break out the bike? Not so fast – if your bike’s been hibernating all winter, it may need a tune-up before you hit the American Tobacco Trail. Check your tire pressure and break pads, but most importantly, invest in a good helmet. Although these safety tips are from Rhode Island specialists, the same rules of thumb still apply in the Triangle. Read their tune-up suggestions here.

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