Transit Thursday: Profile of a Ridesharer

Happy Transit Thursday, folks!

From our first ever Commuter Match Mixer to STRNC tutorial videos, April has been all about Rideshare Month at GoTriangle. We’ve spent the last few weeks encouraging people to drop the solo act and join a carpool or vanpool in their area – with good reason. Ridesharers save thousands of dollars a year and have a much smaller environmental impact.

After reading that very infomercial-sounding stat, I decided to test it by calculating my own commute savings with the GoTriangle Commute Savings Calculator. I found out I could save $1,049.14/year by carpooling just 3 days a week. Okay, I’m sold. But before you jump into a carpool or vanpool, you may still be wondering, exactly who is doing the ridesharing?

It’s easy to point to ridership numbers or passenger manifestos, but we decided to go a little deeper. To create our ridesharer profile, we combined statistics both locally and abroad  from and Triangle J Council of Governments reports. So without further ado, to all our radio karaoke soloists, road trip crooners, and people brave enough to sing in the car without knowing the words, meet your future duet partner:


(click to enlarge)

Our infographic is just the tip of the ridesharing iceberg. Ridesharing has offered Triangle commuters the chance to use their time on the road learning new hobbies (including knitting, which could be quite valuable if next winter is anything like this one). Lasting friendships have formed and some of our ridesharers have continued vanpooling for decades.

If you’d like to join a carpool or start your own, head over to If vanpool sounds more your style, you can get more info on the GoTriangle rideshare page. We’ll also be covering both rideshare modes at our Commute Match Mixer tonight, so you can even drop by and meet potential carpool and vanpool matches in person before you sign up. Just RSVP online.

See you there,


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