Fortify Friday: Express Route Testimonials

Meet Vincent and Jean.


Both of them commute daily to downtown Raleigh for work. They also both live in areas along the Fortify Project work zone. For many commuters, traveling through construction can add time and stress to their commutes, but not for Vincent and Jean. Why? They have something else in common – both of them ride some of our newest and, some say, best kept “secret” routes to work in downtown Raleigh. Whether it’s by Park-and-Ride or a neighborhood bus stop, they enjoy a hands- and stress-free commute via express buses.

Vincent and Jean were kind enough to share their personal experiences with us as ZWX and JCX riders. So enough from me – check out the videos below to hear just why they started taking public transit and how it’s changed their commutes for the better.

“I realized once I started riding that I didn’t need my vehicle as much.” – Vincent


“If you’re considering riding the bus, at least give it a chance.” – Jean


For more information about Fortify Project express routes, visit the Triangle Transit Maps & Schedules page. If you’re already an express route rider, we’d love to hear from you as well! Just email and your commute story could be featured here on the GoTriangle blog.

Have a great weekend,

– Grace

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