Two Link Tuesday: Bike Month Edition

“Some people saw the video in Bristol, England, and the Bristol police department decided to fly me out there so I could personally show them how to properly lock up a bicycle.” 

Sounds easy, right? Knowing how to properly lock your bike up? Or, as Hal Ruzal puts it, “how not to lock a bike like an idiot?” Think again. A video of Ruzal, bike mechanic and New York City’s resident bike lock connoisseur, went viral after he walked the New York City streets and graded bikes on their level of lockup. Over 60,000 bikes are stolen in New York City per year through various means – including power tools – but with Ruzal on the streets, that’s all about to change. Watch the video, then click here to learn how to make your ride to work a “grade A locking experience.”

“We’re the densest community between New York and Chicago…so when you talk about doing daily chores, or recreation, most of the time, walking or biking is the most convenient form to get around.” 

Since tomorrow is National Bike to School day, children all over the US will be hopping on their bikes instead of the school bus. However, for one community, Bike to School Day is actually every day. The Cleveland suburb of Lakewood, Ohio, has never had one school bus system in the city. The 5,800 students all walk or bike to school, turning morning and afternoon carpools into a thing of the past. Check out the video above to see how Lakewood makes it happen, then follow this link to find out which Bike to School events are happening tomorrow in your area.


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