Two Link Tuesday

“China may be one of the best examples of countries that love mega-infrastructure projects, but even this may be too much.”

Can you really have too much of a good thing? In the case of China’s latest possible rail project, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. Chinese officials are reportedly considering a high-speed rail line that would connect China to North America via an underwater tunnel through the Bering Straight. But despite a big name (the “China-Russia-Canada-America” line) and a big price tag (upwards of $200 billion), the feasibility of the project  seems rather small. Click here to read why



“Serving Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill in North Carolina, Triangle Transit correctly figures that forbidden love, cheesy dialogue, and swelling music is the best way to tell people about bus advantages.”

In February, Triangle Transit debuted its – and possibly the –  first ever bus soap opera. Thanks to recent features on The Transit Wire and Grist, Twitter and the transitverse are now abuzz with reviews and comments about the web series. Already binge-watched your way through all  the shows on your Netflix queue? Your evening may now be booked. From using a bus pass to secret twins, find out just why “As the Bus Stops” is being hailed as “your new fave transit-themed soap opera.”



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