Two Link Tuesday


“It only took a day to see a significant cut in levels of potentially lethal particulates.”

In March, the city of Paris was blanketed by smog. With air pollutant levels at an all-time high and desperate times calling for desperate measures, the Parisian government made public transportation free and partially banned cars from the road. For one day, drivers with odd license plate numbers weren’t allowed to drive within the city. During that single day, pollutant levels in the city fell by six percent and traffic decreased by 18 percent. Six percent may not sound like much, but according to experts, the cut was significant enough to reconsider the question, “What if we did this all the time?” Read on to find out the answer.



“My favorite bus moment is the announcement for arrival at Durham Station! It’s not a robo-voice, but a very spirited lady who sounds like she loves the place. She may as well say, ‘Welcome home, honey.’ It makes me smile every single time!”

Last Monday, Triangle Transit launched the 24 Project. Within a 24-hour window, they photographed 24 riders across each of Triangle Transit’s 24 regional routes. The final 24 photos and transit stories debuted this past weekend at Artsplosure 2014 in downtown Raleigh. If you didn’t make it for the big debut, you’re still in luck – the entire project is now live on Triangle Transit’s Facebook page. Click here to meet the 24 riders and learn how public transit impacts their daily lives in the Triangle area.

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