Fortify Friday

It’s finally Friday! Today, we’re back with a new round of Fortify Project updates:

Earlier this week, NCDOT announced traffic pattern changes at the I-40/Hammond Road interchange south of Raleigh. Drivers in the left lane trying to access I-40E from Northbound Hammond road MUST now turn left at the light. You cannot drive straight. Why the change? Workers are switching the current on-ramp to the left side to start prep for lane changes on the bridge.

For a visual of these traffic changes, check out the map below.

(via Fortify: The I-40/440 Rebuild Facebook page)

Also, if you’re planning to use I-40/440 to get out of town for Memorial Day, you can worry more about packing extra hotdogs and sunscreen than extra roadwork traffic. Fortify Project construction crews are taking the weekend off. However, drivers should keep in mind that while all project vehicles will be off the road, AAA still predicts 36.1 million people will travel 50 miles or more over the holiday.

With gas prices high and all your neighbors headed for the beach, it might be time for a Triangle staycation instead. Already know a perfect staycation spot in the RDU? Tweet your favorites at @gotriangle on Twitter so we can share them with our followers.

Have a great weekend!


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