Two Link Tuesday

It will transform how the 3.5 million people in the METRO’s Houston service area travel without a car.”

What do you do when the fourth-largest city in America is in need of a transit revamp? Take things back to the drawing board. In order to move 3.5 million people, Houston’s transit planners are rebuilding the city’s bus system from the ground up. The new plan highlights increased frequency, reliability, and service, but without increasing the current operating budget. Plus, riders will no longer have to wonder when the next bus is coming – on the new “frequent network,” the bus is always coming.  Click here to find out how. 


The usual subway security check no longer involves just ‘putting your bags through’ [an X-ray scanner] as commuters now have to be checked as though they are going through airport customs.”

Ever wonder what would happen if airport-style security was enforced on the world’s busiest subway? Even if you haven’t, you’ll never complain again when you take your shoes off at the airport after seeing these photos from Beijing. New security measures are in place after several acts of domestic terrorism, but in a transit system with 200 subway stations, many Chinease citizens are wondering if the increased waits are really worth the increased security. Get the full rundown on the situation here.

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