Two Link Tuesday

“Not all bike lanes are created equal. A line in the pavement dividing cars from cyclists is nice, but it doesn’t provide nearly the comfort of a protected bike lane — a track separated from vehicle traffic by a row of parked cars, or a curb, or at least a line of flexible posts. “

If protected bike lanes were more available in your city, or available period, would you be more likely to ride your bike? Researchers found the answer to be a “resounding yes,” especially when it came to people who didn’t already bike. When protected bike lanes were installed in participating cities, bike use increased – drastically. In one case, ridership rose by 171%. See the full study results here.



“I didn’t believe it would work, it was such a crazy proposal, but what I think attracted these studios was a near complete freedom to create whatever they wanted.”

When you look at this picture, what do you see? “Bus shelter” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, this structure is one of seven unique bus shelters in the small village of Krumbach, Austria. Designed by world-class architects to be artistic as well as functional, you can now wait for your bus inside or on top of an art exhibit. Avant-garde, indeed. Click here for the full gallery.

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