Fortify Friday: Who Moves You

“The Triangle is a growing community. A lot of jobs come here, and Triangle Transit is a good place to work. In living here, there’s a good community, and it’s growing.” 

Every day, they transport millions of people from one place to another all around the world. They take us to work and bring us safely back home. They smile and wish us a good morning, even when it’s pouring outside. They navigate a several-ton vehicle through Fortify traffic and construction, all without breaking a sweat. They know a lot rests on their shoulders, but that’s okay – they’re BOSSes when it comes to the shoulder. Who are they?

They’re the people who move you.

At Triangle Transit, being a bus operator doesn’t just require a license. It requires a combination of skills, including a desire to be part of a great team. So what exactly does it take to be a bus operator? Well, we decided to ask the professionals themselves:

Think you have what it takes to be a Triangle Transit bus operator? Check out the current openings on the Triangle Transit job board. Have a good story about your favorite bus driver? We’re always looking for new Rider Stories website. Just tweet us at @gotriangle or @triangletransit and you could be featured on the Triangle Transit website.

Have a great weekend,


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