Two Link Tuesday


If you’re curious about what happens when light rail comes to town, meet the Twin Cities’ Green Line. The new line connects Minneapolis and St. Paul., offering commuters, students, and shoppers the opportunity to skip traffic and travel faster between separate but nearby metros (sound familiar, Triangle?). The Green Line also benefits local business owners, since the light rail stations can serve as fresh stops for both work and play. Want to meet a friend at that new place downtown? Imagine going from door-to-door in ten minutes. Click here for the interactive map and let your imagination run wild.



Frustration, a longer commute, missed dinner – a late train means more than a little inconvenience. Just like an earthquake, the aftershocks of a disabled or delayed train can echo long past the actual event and be charted on paper. Two students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute crafted data from the Boston Metro into the seismic – er, transit – graphs above. Coded by line color and with steeper lines representing slower trains, their format could be a new step in finding out which trains are the most reliable and which you may want to avoid in order to get home in time for dinner.

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