Two Link Tuesday

“Dealing with traffic is a lot like watching a really bad improv show you can’t leave: Everyone’s trapped, no one is having fun and any attempts to make it better in the moment end up making it a lot worse. That said, solving some of the world’s most immovable bumper-to-bumper logjams might be easier said than done.”

When an entire economy forms around selling goods to drivers regularly trapped in their cars, you know you have a traffic problem. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and with said commute times high and commuter patience low, four cities across the glove made changes to reduce area traffic. From South Korea to Colorado, click here to see the results of this gridlock crusade. 



“In 1980, when a transit strike halted buses and subway trains throughout New York’s five boroughs, residents in some of the most marooned parts of the city started using their own cars and vans to pick people up, charging a dollar to shuttle them to their destinations. Eleven days later, the strike ended, but the cars and vans drove on…”

Public transit serves to move, but what happens when that system doesn’t move you? For years, unofficial “dollar vans” have been shuttling residents between New York City neighborhoods underserved by the public transit system. A trip on this “shadow” transit system can cut travel time in half, leading one reporter to investigate just how this system came to be. For the first time, click here see New York’s shadow transit system in the light.

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