Transit Thursday: Bike Sharing

The results are in: yesterday, Midtown Raleigh News announced that a recent study found Raleigh can support a bike share program. This “feasibility” study factored in variables like tourist market, population density, resident polls, and city comparison. Ultimately, the Oak City stood up to the task and proved it could be the next hot spot for the cycling program.

resultsWhy are we so excited about this news? Well, not only is bike sharing good for the environment, it’s also good for cities and their residents.
In 2013, 43% of bike share participants in Denver reported that they use the program to replace car trips, while 31.5% of D.C. bike sharers reported reduced stress. In fact, cyclists  lose 13 pounds on average in their first year of cycling.

One study even found that only 39.8% of men who cycle to work are overweight compared to the 60.8% of men who drove to work. Another reported that women who walk or bike 30 minutes a day have a lower risk of breast cancer.


By using a bike share program, you can tighten your waistline without tightening your wallet. Many cities have seen an uptick in business after implementing bike share programs. In Paris, local bike sales experienced a 35% increase with similar results across the US. CitiBike alone has created 200 new jobs.

One blogger explains that economic stimulus from bike sharing occurs in several ways: (1) by diverting customers to local businesses; (2) leaving potential customers with more cash in their pockets; and (3) by providing incentives for young, tech-savvy employees to relocate to areas. These all sound like excellent things both for Raleigh business and for residents.

So what do you think about a potential Raleigh bike share program? Have you tried bike sharing before in another city? Let us know by tweeting @GoTriangle or leaving a comment on our Facebook page.

Have a great Thursday,


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