Two Link Tuesday

(image via CityLab)

“This could work, even though older people do not wish to give up their cars. Change comes gradually.”

Imagine stepping out your front door knowing that no matter where you live, your entire commute relies on public transportation. You don’t live too far from the bus stop or the bike trail to get to the office on time. You just tap your phone to open up the new transit app and suddenly, everything is connected. The app shows a bike share on your street that you can use to get to the train station, then suggests you catch a minibus instead because rain is in the forecast. Every mode of transportation around you is streamlined into this one app, running on one payment system. Sound too good to be true? It’s a lofty goal, but one that Helsinki, Finland, believes to be in grasp. Click here to read how this Nordic city plans to make car ownership pointless for every citizen in the next 10 years.

(image via CityLab)

“Walking, running, cycling, and motorized transportation data tell us different stories.”

How to people in your part of the world get from point A to point B? Do they jump in the car or jog down the street? How do mobility habits in Hong Kong compare to those in Houston? The creators of Human decided to find out. While this new app encourages daily exercise, it wouldn’t like being called a fitness tracker – it’s more of a movement mapper. In the last year, Human users traveled 7.5 million miles in total, revealing fascinating individual and city-wide mobility habits across the globe. The results were compiled into a leaderboard, with Amsterdam taking home the World Cup for most active city. However, don’t count the USA out yet: Washington, D.C. beat out Berlin and Tokyo for percentage of time spent walking. Click here to check out the full results and download the app yourself.

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