Transit Thursday: Next stop… local veggies!

farmers market poster


Don’t you just love the Durham Farmers’ Market (DFM)? It’s got stellar Yelp reviews, inspired a Bon Appetit “postcard” write-up, and is probably the most happening spot downtown pre-10am on Saturdays. In fact, the only thing I don’t like about the market is that I have to get up early to score the best finds (consider yourself warned!).

The DFM is all about community and to help make sure that everyone could enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of our NC farmers, they began accepting EBT/SNAP (food stamps) this past spring. This Saturday they’re launching the Double Bucks Program, a new program that will match SNAP benefits up to $10 per person.

It just so happens that we’ll be launching a free shuttle to the Durham Farmers’ Market starting this Saturday, too! Look for the SPECIAL BCC at Durham Station to get a ride. Look for the signs and if you’re coming this Saturday, July 19, I’ll be there in the morning with our re-usable shopping bags, perfect for toting your market finds. If you miss me at the station, come look for me at the DFM’s info table.

Oh, one more thing. One of Charge Ahead Durham’s three weekly challenges is to ride the bull– no, not the one at Shooters, I’m talking about the Bull City Connector. If you’re going to go to the Durham Farmer’s Market, why not take the shuttle back and go ahead and get your charge done?




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