Transit Thursday: Welcome ODX!


Over several months of local meetings, planner suggestions, and presentations  to the Triangle Transit Board of Trustees, Triangle Transit has carefully gathered your feedback on what they can do to improve transit in our area. The result: extended hours, 7-day service, and a brand new bus route! Yes sir, come August 18th, there will be no more “stranded Sundays” and no more fear of missing out. You’ll be able to take public transit to each corner of the Triangle and take it easy.

We’re particularly excited about the newest member of the Triangle Transit family: the Orange-Durham Express. The Orange-Durham Express (ODX) will connect Hillsborough and northern Orange County residents to downtown Durham. After traveling from the North Hillsborough Park-and-Ride to Durham Station, riders will then be able to make connections to Chapel Hill (Routes 400 and 405), as well as to Raleigh (DRX) and the Research Triangle Park (Route 700). Check out the ODX schedule below:


(Click here to expand)

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sending out more information about the ODX along with other route-specific service news through our MyRide listserv. Have you signed up? If you haven’t, just head over to the Triangle Transit website to receive alerts tailored to your bus stop. It takes less than one minute, and after you sign up, you’ll be the first to know about any delays, detours, or updates along your daily route.

So, what are you looking forward to most with new the service changes? We’re already feeling the excitement on Twitter. Let us know where you plan to go in August on the new ODX by tweeting @TriangleTransit.

Have a great Thursday!

– Grace

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