Transit Thursday: Transit Tools

We’re only 18 days away from Triangle Transit’s official fall service changes! Our route maps are being updated, new timetables are being created, and we’re *this* close to being ready for our big debut. So how can you get ready for the upcoming service changes? We’ve found a couple ways to keep the transition smooth and make sure you can still take it easy during your ride:

1) Check out the new route schedules and maps

The Triangle Transit official service changes page lists each service change by route. You can check out the maps and timetables that have already been updated or read more about the brand-new Orange-Durham Express route. By familiarizing yourself with the upcoming changes, you’ll already be one step ahead.

2) Sign up for MyRide alerts

Head over to the Triangle Transit website and click the tab “MyRide.” Once you’re there, you can either log in to an existing account or create a new MyRide account. As a MyRide user, you can sign up for route- and stop-specific alerts, meaning you’ll be the first to know about any detours or delays related to your route or stop. You’ll also be able to sign up for GoTriangle newsletters, including the cycling newsletter and new service changes newsletter.

3) Catch up on the latest transit trip planner tech

As a regular bus rider, I can usually judge whether it’s a “I have a few extra minutes to pack my lunch” morning or a “I better bolt to the bus stop right now” morning. How? The TransLoc app. While there are several ways to get real-time bus route info, this handy transit app is by far my favorite. TransLoc allows you to choose a local transit service (DATA, Triangle Transit, NCSU Wolfine, etc.), then type in your stop number to see exactly what time the next bus will arrive at your stop. Plus, instead of worrying whether hitting “snooze” will make you miss the bus, you can tell TransLoc to alert you when the bus is 15 minutes away, 10 minutes away, or just 5 minutes away. You can even watch the bus move along its route on the map. If it’s late, you can see that it’s stuck in traffic downtown or running on a detour and will be on its way soon (like in the picture below). Pretty sweet, right? Just visit the App Store or GooglePlay for a free download.

By following these simple tips, you should be prepped and ready to go when August 18th rolls around. Think of anything we may have missed or have some transit tips of your own? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook so we can share them with the rest of our followers.

Have a great Thursday,




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