Two Link Tuesday

“The MTA’s lost and found system is vast. It has to be — whether by bus, train or subway, millions of people travel on the network each day, and they leave a bunch of stuff behind.”

It happens to all of us. Either we fall asleep waiting for the bus and forget our bag in our mad dash to catch the 5 o’clock or simply leave our wallet in the seat next to us. But the things left behind on public transit aren’t always as common as a purse or keys (see the partial dentures above). The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority, or the MTA, has a long list of, shall we say, more interesting items. This year alone, the MTA Lost & Found has had  23 saxophones, 96 X-Rays, 2 air conditioners, and 1,813 pairs of undergarments. Yeesh. Click here to see a full list of the most common (and not so common) items left behind.

“According to the Local, 3,400 colors have been entered so far, and the most popular are yellow, brown, purple, turquoise, and pink.

When Triangle Transit announced the new Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project, the light rail line sparked many questions from local residents: where will it go? How much will it be to ride? How much noise will it make? When will it be finished? A surprising number of people found another question just as pressing: what color will the line be?  While the answer is a ways off, it’s still an important one. Studies have shown that public transit color schemes make an impact on commuters. So how are rail or bus line colors chosen? The Swedish city of Stockholm decided to turn the decision over to its people. Until August 11th, anyone with a valid email address can visit the official website to submit their favorite color and their reasoning behind it. The winner will receive a free one-year transit pass. Think your favorite color would be right at home in Stockholm?  Click here to get started.

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