#TransitThursday: Sustainable Travel Heroes Needed!


I talk about the bus a lot, y’all. At public events where I’m repping DATA, Triangle Transit, or GoTriangle, sure, but I’ve been known to work in a plug for public transit in some pretty odd moments, i.e. while being sedated during a medical procedure.

You know what, though? I’m not the only one who has a lot to say about my chosen smart commute. I spoke to a woman at a National Night Out event on Tuesday who loves Triangle Transit, and there are lots more people like her who stop by my table at events around the Triangle to tell me how they’ve figured out how to save money and their sanity by using the bus, biking, walking, or sharing their ride via a vanpool or carpool. Do you know someone like that? Are you somebody like that? Tell us about it– the 2014 Golden Modes nominations are open!

Each year we reward those individuals, employers and organizations that are committed to promoting sustainable transportation, improving our environment and reducing tra­ffic. Please take a few minutes to nominate an individual or company to let them know their dedication to smart commuting is appreciated – you can even nominate yourself! Just use the links below to complete our short nomination form or visit www.gotriangle.org/go-info/golden-modes. Winners will be recognized at the 2014 Golden Modes Award Ceremony in RTP on November 13th.  

 Award Categories:

Nominate a Commuter
Recognize someone who is committed to getting to work/school without driving alone. Awards include:

  • Golden Spoke – for bicyclists
  • Golden Ticket – for transit riders
  • Golden Sneaker – for walkers/runners
  • Pool Party Award – for carpoolers/vanpoolers
  • Multimode Innovator – for those using a combination of modes to travel

Nominate an Employer
Recognize an employer that offers excellent commuter benefits. Awards include:

  • Employer Commute Champion – employer that offers top-tier commuter benefits and facilities
  • Employer Commute Honors – employer with most improved commuter benefits over the past year (August 2013 – July 2014)

Nominate an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC)
Recognize a workplace coordinator who shows a commitment to smart commuting and takes exemplary efforts to encourage employees to do the same.

Nominate a Community Champion
Community Impact Honors recognize a volunteer group, community organization, individual advocate or community event that has made a meaningful contribution to or impact on improving regional transportation options – whether through partnerships, planning, education or awareness.

Nominations close August 24th!

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