Two Link Tuesday


Imagine your fantasy commute: you wake up to the birds chirping, have a long stretch, leisurely get ready for the day, then step outside to catch – a dragon to work? In the Game of Thrones realm, dragons, horses, and ships are the main means to get around, but what if the Seven Kingdoms had the transit options of today? One designer created the “Westeros Transit System” based on the official maps in the GOT series. Headed to Castle Black? You can catch the northbound train all the way from King’s Landing, but be prepared for what may be waiting for you at the last stop. Click here to view the complete map.


We’ve seen parking spaces converted into tiny parks and solar bus stops, but you probably haven’t seen a transit point quite as literal as this one. Tasked with turning an average bus stop into a place for community engagement and entertainment, Baltimore-based sculptors decided to just spell things out. Thus, BUS STOP was born. Measuring in at 14 feet high, each wooden and steel letter can accommodate four people while simultaneously providing shelter from inclement weather. The biggest plus side? That “S” sure looks like a comfy place to nap. Click here to see it in action.

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