Transit Thursday: A New Voice

Wait, a new voice? But what happened to the friendly, familiar, and reliable voice of Grace Hayes?

Confused Jimmy

Well, in case you missed it, Grace recently bid us adieu to make a move to Minnesota. As much as she will be missed, the show must go on. This is where I step in. My name is Eleanor Hawthorne and I’m the new voice behind Go Triangle and Triangle Transit’s social pages. The team here is pretty amazing and I’m thrilled to be joining them in the pursuit of bettering the area’s transit services through social.

But what kind of person chooses a career in social media? Well, I’ll tell you.

I’m an extrovert to a fault, obsessed with meeting and getting to know new people, and maintain the opinion “picture or it didn’t happen” in response to most things. This is where an addiction to Instagram, Twitter, and other various platforms understandably developed. Because of social networks, I can sip a latte at a local coffee shop, binge on the latest season of Orange is the New Black in my pajamas, or enjoy a local music festival with my friends all while simultaneously staying connected and up to speed on what’s going on. So it’s safe to say that no matter where I am (which is usually downtown Durham or Raleigh) you can probably find me crafting tweets or adding to the stupid amount of photos I have on Instagram.

A love for this kind of convenience and connectivity is what pushed me to pursue social media in professional settings, from start-ups to agencies, and I’ve never regretted a minute of it. Working as the Interactive Marketing Associate for Triangle Transit is particularly exciting because it combines my love for both my work and this amazing place we’re all lucky to call home. After 7 years living in Raleigh-Durham I definitely maintain the opinion that it’s one of the best places in the country to work, play, grow, and just be in general.

My goal in joining this team is to continue their legacy of growing Go Triangle and Triangle Transit’s social into a useful tool in bridging communities in the Triangle, both online and off. The transit system is rising to meet the needs of a booming community and I hope, with your help, to take a meaningful part in developing this space alongside it. That being said, don’t forget to share with us. Your experiences, questions, and insights into transit in the Triangle are an integral piece in making it better.


Talk to you soon,



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