Two Link Tuesday

Every person who utilizes public transportation, rides a bike, carpools, or walks during their day has their own reason for doing so. Today I wanted to highlight a couple of those and give you some food for thought. Have you made a decision to stop driving to get from A to B in a more efficient or enjoyable way? What gets you excited to change your routine?

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“One thing is for sure, auto-free, my quality of life has improved dramatically, and yours can too.”

In his post, Brian Smith writes about his transition out of dependence on owning a car and into the freedoms that public transit allows. He depicts how the joy of driving as a teenager was replaced by the joy of biking through parks or being able to read on the bus while in traffic. (Probably a better option that having to channel your road rage.)

Participating in transit outside of driving your car leaves room for so many other things, from enjoying a good book to taking trips with the savings that come from relinquishing your four wheels. Brian’s is an inspiring example which shows that the downsides of giving up your car are far outweighed by the health, happiness, and richness that come with broadening the ways in which you live in and experience your city.

Earlier this year, our very own John Tallmadge took the challenge to go carless for a month in #CarlessMarch. If you missed it, check out his final thoughts in his recap post.

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“Napoleon napped between battles while sitting on his horse” and “Churchill maintained that he had to nap to cope with his wartime responsibilities”.

But maybe the words of Brian and John aren’t enough to encourage you to change your transit habits. Another benefit of using public transportation that I think is often overlooked: NAPS. That’s right, a couple extra z’s on your way to and from work is a huge benefit.

The Short List recently created this infographic displaying all the healthy side effects of a little extra sleep. Even naps as short as 2 minutes can relieve sleepiness and 5-20 minutes can improve alertness, stamina, and motor function. Keeping your car parked and using the bus or local vanpool can give you that mental boost and physical rejuvenation while on the go . And for those of us who struggle with the alarm clock, just think of commuting with public transit as a giant snooze button on your morning.

What is the biggest reason why you choose public transit? What benefits would you have to find to become a believer?

2 thoughts on “Two Link Tuesday

  1. As an individual who is blind, I really don’t have much choice but to use public transit. I could certainly take the specialized paratransit service that is available to persons with disabilities, as many do, to and from my job. However, I already am employed in a semi-sheltered setting, meaning that it caters mostly to blind persons who work to fill government contracts, so I need wider exposure. Taking the fixed-route vehicles connect me to the larger community, and I think will in time actually begin to improve my chances at gaining other types of employment. Coming home from work, I take the Triangle Transit 700 bus all the way from the Regional Transit Center till it becomes 400 at Durham Station, then continue onto Erwin Road just after Duke Hospital. A woman who sits next to me spoke to me one April day when storms were threatening, in the hopes that I would have a safe way to walk home in the coming rain. Ever since, she seeks me out and we chatter for the two minutes we get between her boarding and my departure. This has also led to my meeting many others who work in her department. Just an example of how the community building that goes on when in transit can have real-world benefits for all, and especially those with disabilities.

    • John, let me just say I am so glad you shared your story with us. Experiences such as yours are exactly what we hope to foster through our transit system and hearing how travelling with us has impacted your life in a positive way is incredibly encouraging. Thank you!

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