Transit Thursday: Challenging Car Culture

The automobile industry has a rich history of developing and implementing great technology and design. It’s why the cars in the Bond movies are so iconic and why many of us dream of owning specific makes and models that we love. (My personal dream is a right-hand drive Mini Cooper from the 60’s. No matter how unsafe a car that is, I would look so cool driving it.) But what if that ingenuity was utilized in a better way?

In California and London, premier schools known for turning out great car designers are now implementing programs geared towards something larger:  transferring the focus from individual automobile design to one centered on the systems level.

The hope is, if we can get people past their infatuation with driving cars, to create and utilize systems that serve the needs of communities while also being really beautiful and technologically groundbreaking. Instead of working around the existing transit structure and creating cars that are more efficient, designers are starting to think about what whole new systems could enable people and communities to do if they are given room to change. What kind of system could be created if it didn’t have to cater to cars?

Read The Guardian’s article “Redesigning transportation: can drivers end their love affair with cars?” and tell us what you think. Is it time for the automobile industry to end and come back to life as something new?




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