Two Link Tuesday

From bikes to cars… is shareable transportation the next wave of public transit?

Toyota Electric Car Share


You’re probably well aware of bike sharing programs that are run in conjunction with other public transit services. Though this is only just catching on in major cities in the US, Toyota is taking an interesting stab at this sharing side of transit. Their recent project has been tested out in places like Tokyo and aims to apply the ease and convenience of bike sharing to small, electric vehicles.


Toyota Electric Car Share 3


It’s not surprising to see a Smart car or other small electric vehicle plugged in for a charge. We think it would be pretty great if those small cars were ones that people were able to use and pay for as-needed. There’s a good argument for promoting the use of electric vehicles without making it necessary that individuals purchase them. Potentially, this type of service could convince car-owners to get rid of their vehicles while also enabling those without cars to increase where and when they’re able to travel. Sounds like a win-win.

Gizmodo’s article gives you the full take on Toyota’s 3-wheeled, electric vehicles. Make sure to read more about the project and check out their video. They actually look like a fun ride.

Would you be excited to see a service like this come to the Triangle?

New York City Exteriors And Landmarks

…And speaking of bike shares… have you heard that NYC’s Citi Bike Workers may be joining the union that serves the subway and bus workers of New York? As far as bike sharing programs go, NYC’s is one of the most well-known and utilized. It’s exciting to see the program gaining recognition and it being brought into the city’s union marks a level of acceptance for the service that says it’s here to stay.

Have you ever used a bike sharing system? What was your experience like? Share it with us in the comments!

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