Two Link Tuesday


A lot of people will tell you that biking is”the most environmental and economic way to travel.” Felix Starck is one of those people. But unlike most, he’s really put his money where his mouth his.

The German 20-something set off in June, 2013 to bike across 17,930 KM (11,141 Miles) and into 22 countries. His bike ride ended in June of this year but his work is only just starting. Starck filmed his entire journey and has released it as a documentary titled “Pedal the World”.

In addition to enduring some incredible obstacles himself, he also witnessed the abuse of animals throughout his trip and decided to dedicate a portion of all his profits to aid in that cause.

Take a minute to watch a preview of his documentary. Maybe his trip can inspire similar commitments in our communities to change the way we look at travel.

Cyclists riding past a field at sunset.

Maybe you’re reading this, watching Felix’s video and finding yourself surprised at the inspiration you’re feeling. Well, if you’re ready to get on your bike and out of your comfort zone (but not quite ready for a global trip) you should look at doing a Bike and Build trip.

Bike and Build is an organization that uses grants and donations to fund affordable housing construction and awareness across the country. If you join their team, you’ll bike from coast to coast and work on these sites along the way.

Could you trade your days in the office, riding a desk, to days atop your bike?



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