Greenlights: October 2014 Issue

Multimodal Transportation in the Triangle


At GoTriangle, we love getting the opportunity to highlight employers and commuters who are taking that extra step to make smart commuting work for them.

Today we want to highlight David Bradway. He recently shared moments from a day full of multimodal transportation (utilizing multiple forms of transportation to piece together a system of getting around) and we couldn’t resist asking him to go into more detail on how he makes it work for his daily routine. From walking and biking to riding the bus and utilizing car sharing programs (like the Enterprise Car Share that Duke hosts for students and staff), David has got it mapped out.

David Bradway describes his travel, "I had a #multimodalmonday with @gotriangle Bull City Connector, Duke's Enterprise Car Share, and my trusty Schwinn. "

 A rider's photos of the different modes of transportation he uses to get around.

A big part of his motivation to not have a car and travel primarily on bike and bus came from a year he and his wife spent in Denmark. The country is renowned for being remarkably bike-friendly and, as David recalls, “the bicycling infrastructure was world class. The bike paths were lighted, separate from cars, regularly cleaned, and even plowed. Biking in Denmark was often the most convenient and reliable way to get around the city.”

Since returning, David has continued this type of commuting since the major benefits of a smart commuter lifestyle, better health and cost efficiency, are so worth it. For trips that are too long or when the weather is particularly bad, the Trans Loc app and Google Maps have been useful tools for David to make sure his plans for travel are as seamless as possible.

There’s always more we can do to make multimodal transportation better, from constantly work to make our bus routes more efficient to improving bike lanes. But most of all, it’s important to share stories such as David’s to shed light on how great it can be to foster these kinds habits in our communities.


Let’s also take a look at some Triangle Transit van riders.

Debra Smith says “I have been vanpooling since 2008.  I was in another vanpool but then I got my own.  Because it saves me a lot of money on gas, I am able to drive my car on the weekend.  When I was driving to work every day, the high gas prices caused me keep my car parked for almost everything except church on the weekend.  I had to consider if I had enough gas money for the week to travel from Oxford to Duke for work.  It was a great benefit to have Duke step in with the deposit for the van.  Our vanpool has been going strong for 3 years now. And it is growing; I think we will need a bigger van soon.  We are all so thankful to be able to save on gas and car expenses.  We switch drivers on different days so that everyone gets a chance to sit back and enjoy the ride.   It is a blessing.  I recommend it to anybody.  We start out in Oxford; make a stop in Creedmoor, then on to Durham.  We make several stops in Durham so that everyone gets out at their worksite.  I love it.  I would not give up my vanpool. I had to drive one day last week, and I missed it.  Now, I do not like driving into work, I’d rather ride the van!”



Here is what long time van rider Janet Langley, who is now retired from Wake County wrote in to say. “I have ridden and served as back-up driver on several of the TTA Vanpools that leave from the Harnett & Johnston County areas. I was one of the original riders from Coats, NC when the vanpools were first introduced.  That was more than 28 years ago.  At first I was hesitant because of not having my own vehicle available for emergencies, errands, etc.  I soon became hooked and dreaded those days when I did have to drive in to downtown Raleigh. It has been a terrific experience, and I encourage everyone to give it a try.

The service you have provided has been priceless to me personally.  As of March 1, 2014, I will be officially retired!  Had it not been for your vanpool program, I would have never been able to stay with State Government for 30 years.  I’ve met tons of great people and will miss them dearly.  I won’t miss that commute, but TTA has definitely been a God send to me and made it so much easier to get up and go to work every day.

Once again, THANK YOU.


Just as a reminder joining a van is as easy. Register on and choose vanpool as one of the options to find a match. If you do not see a match, start a waiting list. It only takes 5 passengers to start a new vanpool. And as always, you can call or email Vanessa Battle our Vanpool Manager at or 919 485-7462. She will walk you right through the process. We are always looking for drivers. Driving a vanpool comes with some perks. Call Vanessa for details.




While you are there, register for the Emergency Ride Home program. It is a guaranteed ride home from work in case of an emergency on days that you carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or ride the bus to the office. It is great that most of those registered in our database have not had to use the program; but here is what a couple of people who needed it had to say:

“I was glad this service was available. It was a great help when I really needed it!” – Nancy H.

“This is an excellent service.  I’ve commuted from Wendell by bus since the ZWX service started several years ago.  I had never had to use the emergency ride home before last month but was glad to have it when I needed it.  Thank you.”  – Michael B.



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