Transit Thursday: Jobs and Public Transit

Heat map showing the density of public transit access in Raleigh

We here at Go Triangle and all the transit systems in the area want to get you connected to all sorts of things. From festivals to schools to parks to work, we want to be the means to those ends.

But work is where it really counts.  In The Washington Post’s article, “Mapped: How public transit changes your job prospects”, it refers to this role of transit-connecting you to work- as a fundamental one.

The article highlighted the top 5 cities where jobs are most accessible by public transit. These maps, created by the Accessibility Observatory at the University of Minnesota, also give us a look into Raleigh. Raleigh often gets national notoriety for being a great place to work, raise a family, start a business, or be young and single. It’s really exciting to see the city gaining momentum and attention not only for being a great place to get a job but also a place where getting to that job is made easier by public transit.

So how does the Raleigh area really stack up to other major cities?

Overall, the Raleigh-Cary area’s rank of accessibility to jobs by transit: #40. Not too bad, but we’re dedicated to making those numbers better. Won’t you help us by taking a ride sometime?

Let’s bring some red to that heat map.

One thought on “Transit Thursday: Jobs and Public Transit

  1. Well, many of my colleagues and I use it every day. I don’t know if by design or happenstance, but it is set up so that we blind folk can hop off at RTC and shuffle across to our shop like morning zombies. A cheerful driver on arrival helps brighten those tired faces a bit. I love Triangle Transit already, and look forward to future improvements.

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