Two Link Tuesday

Schmidt and Jess from New Girl. Schmidt, looking very concerned, says,

Millennials and Public Transportation

Youths, they’re coming… and they may be showing up on public transportation in a city near you. Major cities are seeing evidence of this trend. Millennials want more public transportation options. They don’t want to be stuck using cars that are not only expensive but also harmful to the environment. Cars can also be a hindrance to something near and dear to the millennial heart: living and working in dense, urban centers.

The youth of our societies are shaking off the shackles of suburbia in exchange for renovated warehouses in up-and-coming, revitalized city neighborhoods. Parking, a huge problem in a lot of cities, can be a headache to deal with. It’s often easier to get around in such areas using public transit. Walking, biking, and taking the bus, subway, or light rail are becoming resources that this portion of the population is really beginning to utilize and rally for.

Following a Lifestyle Instead of a Job

In addition to an increase in millennial support and use of public transit, this group is also willing to move to find it. With the way this population tends to move and switch from job to job, decisions aren’t solely based on where work is available. That decision is being based on where they want to live. The job will simply have to follow that choice.

That’s one reason why places such as Portland, Oregon are booming with young people. Among other benefits such as a healthy local industry, bike friendliness, diverse culture, and close proximity to varying activities, Portland’s transit serves the community well and the community just so happens to support this “new move-first-then-find-a-job Millennial paradigm”.

Is public transportation attracting new people to your city? Better get ready for them!

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