Transit Thursday: Rush Hour

One of the biggest headaches in the Triangle, when it comes to transportation, is the traffic and congestion on I-40 (as well as many other roads) during peak hours. We often look to public transportation as a solution to this. Utilizing public transportation as a substitute for commuting alone, in your car not only helps decrease congestion but also gets you through traffic more quickly when bad traffic is slowing everyone else down (thanks to our Bus on the Shoulder System!)

But what happens when more people use multimodal and environmentally friendly methods? Turns out, traffic is still a problem even when you’re on 2 wheels instead of 4.

The Netherlands, a place renown for its amazing bike culture, gives a glimpse into the changes that occur when bikes become the primary mode of transportation. From lines at stoplights that get clogged to people not obeying safety laws designed for drivers, there is a lot of infrastructure that has to be designed with cyclists in mind.

Hopefully our cities will have to deal with these problems one day because that will mean our population and our cities are growing healthier and more efficient.

Check out a glimpse into rush hour in Utrecht, Netherlands to give you an idea of what the future may hold for us in the U.S.


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