Two Link Tuesday

Today, I want to put a spotlight on one of the benefits of public transit that doesn’t get much attention: productivity.

When you choose to use public transit you automatically increase your ability to get things done. Seriously. It’s as if stepping on the bus puts an extra hour in your productivity bank for the day.

Riding the bus to and from work gives my M-F a major boost. I’ve found that using my commute a little differently in the morning and afternoon book-ends my day with awesome.

Barney from How I Met Your Mother gives himself a high-five

*Even though these tips work offline, the fact that so many of our buses have Wi-Fi takes these practices to a whole other level.

In the Mornings

Eleanor uses the Post-It app on her phone while riding the bus.

I love using my morning commute to set my day on a killer pace. Some mornings I simply go over my to do list in my head. On others, I use productivity apps to track my tasks or help manage my time for the week. The 25-35 minutes I spend on the bus give me the quiet space and time to gear up for my entire day.

Fast Company recently put out a list of apps they suggest for helping productivity. Some give you an edge in getting through emails while others help you track tasks and time. There’s a pretty good chance at least one of these can help you get the edge you need to kickstart your productivity. My personal favorite is the Post-It Plus app. It helps me take the ideas and notes I collect throughout the day and organize them all in one place.

In the Afternoons

Example of a "Done List" Eleanor wrote on the bus.

It’s only been a couple of months since I first commuted using DATA and Triangle Transit. Since then, I’ve noticed I generally arrive at home feeling much more relaxed and positive about my day. The biggest shift has been the 30 or so minutes I have after work to just sit with my thoughts and decompress from my day. Sometimes I’ll use this time to read or catch up on podcasts, but what I find most helpful is jotting down a “done list”.

A lot of us live and breathe by to-do lists but we never make a list of the things we’ve accomplished. A “done list” is just that. I got the idea from this 99U article on harnessing the power of progress. From really small tasks to major undertakings, it can drastically improve your mood to give yourself some tangible credit for the work you’ve done.

If you already take the bus regularly, try out these tips and let us know what you think. If you aren’t already using public transit, I really hope you see benefits like this as a reason to give transit a shot.

Thanks for reading!


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